Bar Utensils

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Thunder Group IRCP008 9" Ice Chipper

Thunder Group ice chipper 7-3/4" with wooden handle. Ergonimic grip and sturdy design means quality ..


Thunder Group IRPC008 8" Ice Pick

Heavy-duty, six carbon steel points with a hardwood handle...


Thunder Group IRSH4403 4 3/4" Multi-Functional Bar Tongs

These 4 3/4" multifunctional tongs are shaped in a rigid form for easy use. Ideal for touch-free and..


Thunder Group PLSSGR001 Salt and Sugar Glass Rimmer

Thunder Group plastic salt and sugar glass rimmer. This is a convenient device that stores everythin..


Thunder Group SLBS022 Bar Strainer

Thunder Group bar strainer. Keep fruit pits, pulp, and any other thick objects out of your cocktails..


Thunder Group SLHO030 4 oz Bar Scoop

Thunder Group stainless steel bar scooper. This durable, polished stainless steel product is perfect..


Thunder Group SLJS031 Julep Strainer

Thunder Group julep strainer. The julep strainer is perfect for those bartenders that excel in cockt..


Thunder Group SLKBS011 11" Long Deluxe Bar Spoon

Thunder Group 11" deluxe bar spoon. This big spoon is perfect for shakes, malts, or jus all purpose ..


Thunder Group SLPB030 12" Plum Bar Tong

Thunder Group 12" stainless steel plum tongs. These tongs are perfect to grip fruits and vegetables ..