Nemco 55550-6 6-Section Easy Wedger Fruit / Vegetable Wedge Cutter

Nemco 55550-6 6-Section Easy Wedger Fruit / Vegetable Wedge Cutter
Model 55550-6
Product Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 8" x 8" x 19"
Product Description 6 Section Easy Wedger Fruit / Vegetable Wedge Cutter
Net Weight(lbs) 4.5 lbs

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    Tough Love

    The vertical pusher block design and stay-sharp stainless steel blades combine

    the necessary brute force with artful finesse for the most efficient way to

    produce beautiful wedges.

    • Easy on the operator and the fruit—works fast with virtually no bruising.

    • Centering rods guide the cut for uniform wedges.

    • Works so fast, you can cut to order on the spot for optimum freshness. 

    Endless Love

    The Easy Wedger carries the Nemco durability trademark. Built to last and it

    pays for itself in no time.

    • Compact frame and angled legs optimize stability and keep the pushing

    force centered on the blades.

    • Stainless-steel and aluminum-cast construction takes the punishment

    of a commercial kitchen.

    • The entire unit is incredibly easy to clean.

    Suggested Uses

    The Easy Wedger is ideal for beverage operations. Use it to wedge fresh lemons, limes and oranges. Works great at the salad bar too. Try it with tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, zucchinis and more