Delivery Information

Shipping Information
  • Please be sure that your shipping address is accurate
  • Do not enter a PO Box as the shipping address. Freight Carries would not deliver to a PO Box.
  • Please have your name of business listed if the package is delivering to a business address.
  • Make sure to include a correct phone number so that we are able to contact you if anything happens with the shipping. Freight carries may also contact you and verify that someone would be at the shipping address to receive the delivery.
Important Freight Receiving Procedure
There following are the freight receiving procedures that we recommend you to follow when your delivery arrives. Please note that FEWmart does not hold liable for damages caused by the freight company. You are responsible for reporting those damages to the fright company once the delivery drivers leaves.

1. Verify
When the delivery arrives, unpack the shipping packages and verify the products being delivered are what you wanted. Please keep all of the original packaging materials, shipping boxes, and pallets if you decide to make an exchange or a return.
2. Inspect
Make sure to inspect the delivered products thoroughly to check whether any visible or concealed damages exist. Concealed damages have to be reported to FEWmart within 48 hours.
3. Make Notes
In case damages do exist, make notes or take pictures of the damages you see while the delivery drive is still present.
4. Accept or Decline
  • If there is no damage on the products you ordered, accept the delivery and sign off.
  • In case you received a slightly damaged products, write down all the damages you can see on the acceptance form. If you do not want to keep the shipment, we suggest you to refuse the damaged item and call us as soon as possible.
  • Refuse the shipment if the product you ordered is complete damaged. In the meantime, make notes or take pictures of the damage and contact us immediately to start the return procedure.  
Kindly note that you need to have your order number, shipping information, and tracking number ready in order to for us to begin the return process. If any freight damage is found, we would do our best to assist you. Please contact us at from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.
Liftgate Service
You are required to select liftgate service at checkout if the items are large and heavy. This service will be asked if your address does not have a loading dock or tractor-trailer access. The average cost of liftgate service is approximately $75, depending on the freight carries. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to transport the product inside once the item is on the ground. We do not offer white glove or inside delivery service.